Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tinierme game online..

yea me and paulina had been on that game for a while idk y she introduced me to all this random weirdos lol this guy was funny  but he was weird hes all like hitting on chicks like 10 minutes after he meets them lol... i like meet him and hes like mines and hers bro we call him bro but the creepy thing is he was all like o yea i love you my sisters im like ... okay bye and i left XD i didint know wat.. andd then later hes all like telling my friend i was cool even do i met him only like 5minutessssss and yea then both me and her come abck and hes all like holding some chick im like wtf,, me and her are like playaaa.. and yap that was my tinierme experience also note the outfit they give u does NOT come with shoes man i am currently still barefoot begging for money around XDD cause i wasted most my money on this one thing to get cool stuff but i ended up with no shoes..

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lolita: Something to be PROUD of

You're not alone!!
I'm writing this post for many lolitas. For the lolitas that are harrassed and discriminated against. The ones that feel different from the rest of the world, who treat them like aliens just because their dresses are prettier and frillier than a barely-butt covering, bland old black dress that's so short it can double as a shirt. The things girls actually WEAR nowadays. Whatever happened to "pretty as a princess"? It seems like the trend nowadays is "pretty as a...raccoon? Skunk?"

Sorry, I don't want to sound mean, but I must tell each and every lolita that you are beautiful. What I believe to be true beauty as well; do you know why? Because you are dressing for yourself. Girls wear those...dull? Trying to be nice dresses, sleeveless and sliding off their breasts, attempting to suffocate their thighs, because apparently men think that looks sexy. Here's my question: Why care what men think? Wear whatever thing you want, if he's truly worth it, he'll come to you. Wouldn't you get the bad  boyfriends if all they care about is that you look hot? Lolitas, on the other hand, dress because they think Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, and all those other brands look elegant, kawaii, amazing, and perfect for them. Not him. This counts for fairy kei, the new style mori girl, visual kei, manbas and banbas-- any japanese street style. They are so unique and different, and for some reason, the rest of the world doesn't like anything out of the straight, fixed, black-and-pencil-skirt-line.

No lolita should be afraid to walk outside in a sugary carnival dress and meet the world's eyes. It is not acceptable that people should be rude enough to discriminate against you just because you have on a pink curly wig; I hope you never think that's just a way of life. Don't worry about it. Fight back with silence and smiles as you walk past. As I've said before, your lolita clothing is your armour. You prove you are strong and you can break through convention so many others follow, just by wearing that jumperskirt. I think that's one of the many reasons I love lolita and those who are lolita-- you have to be strong, to be a princess.

This is why you should take pride in how strong you are! You may not realize it, but lolitas are fighting a bloodless war. Rather than guns and bombs, the weapons are nasty looks, distasteful murmurs, rude comments, and creepy glances. But we have our own artillery! Smiles, explanantions, and just plain silence-- ignoring is the best way to go. And while there ARE a lot of rude people out there, there will always be the nice ones-- compliments, and of course your fellow lolitas. Don't give up the fight, my poofy princesses. The end is always happiness. ☆

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Long and Winding Road

Sorry for not posting in such a long time~~~
You see, I've been really busy. I just went to le SAKURA-CON, and that was epic. I met so many fabulous lolitas there, wearing my light blue gothic lolita wavy wig (with PIGTAILS OH HECK YUSH) and a KAWAII pink dress with little roses on it that my friends mom made so sweetly <3 Some creep actually took a picture of me and  Maria (she had a wig like mine but pink with a white blouse and a skirt with roses all over <3) without our knowledge. And old dude. Gross. -.-
Other than that, I've been trying to save up bunches and bunches of money and that is HARD when you are 13 and you don't have parents like Maria's who buys everything for you. (EVERYTHING.) I accidentally used up a bunch of money at Sakura Con ;_; BUT I'M TRYING AGAIN! 10 BUCKS A WEEK FOR BRUSHING THE DOG EVERY DAY! (She sheds. A lot. But she's kawaii <3)
Since I'm so young, it's very hard  to be a lolita, you see. So, I'm trying really hard, and starting off small. I have a step mom that doesn't have a clue about how marvelous lolita is!!
FIRST she thought it was dressing like a prostitute because Lolita is a common prostitute name!!!
After I explained to her that it's practically the EXACT OPPOSITE OF A PROSTITUTE, she went on to believe it's a sub culture about DRUGS  because I told her it's based off of things like Alice and Wonderland and she gave me a huge lecture about how she wrote an essay in college about people getting high while smoking pot and watching the crazy loopyness of Alice and Wonderland. UGH.
She just keeps getting the wrong idea over and over, and says it's too expensive, so. I have to start at Bodyline.
Being a lolita is HARD. It's true. But that's not stopping me from being one. As Victoria Suzanne said in this article, lolitas are strong. The world may disagree and look down on our layers of petticoats and giant bows, yet we have to stand our ground and meet their eyes. I hate giving up on anything. It shows weakness, and no matter how princess-like a lolita may appear, we must become warriors and wear our dresses like armour. It's sad, what the world has become; showing hatred to anything that is different. But only the tough can power through that hatred! So power through with pink mary janes. (Oh heck yush ;3)
I can be positive that everyone on Earth just wants to fulfill a dream. Some never do. I have so many dreams; surrounding myself in lolita is but one. I have a long road to go; and I hope that girls with the same dream walk the same road. Maybe we can become amazing lolitas together. ^-^
So, it's time for me to continue. This is a blog about that walk, down that road.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting sick lately....

Hai peeps , so yeap if you have been sick lately like moi you should know how extremly boring it is god i was at home doing nothing for 3 days + man but i was really sick i had the flu but then i still do im just better so theres ur anwser pau pau if u are asking why i havent talked to u on msm XD srrry i have been getting on but ur never on this week U<U , so if you are also sick i recommend you some things so you do not die of boredom.

  • watch tv
  • go on the internet and look up interesting stuff like why cant penguins fly
  • text your friends in school so they get their phones taken away
  • go look at rambom peoples blogs
  • eat lots of stuff
  • my mom says to eat soup and stuff
  • look for the clothes u are gonna wear when you get back to school
  • go play with your dogs if u have any
  • read >;3
  • play with moms clothes
  • rest
  • look up justin bieber to make fun of him
  • call selena gomez a pedo for dating him
  • find better stuff to read than this
from maria~~ <33

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Isn't that Just So Funnay.

This picture is hilarious. Looks like the family road trip to Long Beach every year for me. I'd be Rin, screaming. XD

Monday, March 21, 2011


Have you ever just wanted to pulvarize, eliminate, obliterate, wipe out a certain someone by torturing and tormenting their very last miniscule, minute molecule causing them to be nothing more than a pathetic heap on the floor, kissing your feet, begging you through their gushing crimson tears to stop the destruction as you transform and bend and distort them painfully, agonizingly into a miserable disaster and then depleting their existence till there is nothing more left of them than a stain in one's mind, a faint memory of a hopeless nothing that is soon to be fading away, a ghost of what once was, drifting out of your mind more and more and more by the millisecond as you go about your next day, laughing of what was the past in which you had so much time gloriously sinning the earth with your destruction yet knowing no one on this earth cares about the small, petite smudge, speck, flaw that you wiped out of this world as your rage consumed you and it was the only thing you desired to do at that very moment you did it, destroying a pitiful, pathetic being and then snickering at the mess you cleaned up the very next day, as things go right and easy with that worthless scum gone from the world for good and your life going the way you want it because of the "disappearence" of a certain someone?

...Well I have.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Make Up Routine

Well, my friends been asking how I put on my make up so I'mma say, and give tips for people with different faces than mine.
I first start with the liquid foundation. You dot it around your face-- for me, three dots on each cheek, one on the chin, one on the nose, and two or three on the forehead cuz my forehead's big. It depends on what face shape you have-- smaller forehead, less dots, etc. You don't want to overdo it or your face'll look cakey!
After dotting your face with it, rub it in, in the direction of your itty bitty face hairs--downwards for the cheeks, chin and nose; the hairs on your forehead are split in the middle, so rub the foundation to the left on your left side and right on the right side of the forehead.

Dot it on the face, like so.
Next, I put on blush with one of those big fluffy brushes. Here's a tip-- smile to yourself in the mirror before putting it on. Then you can see your cheek bones-- apply it there. Again, only a light amount, so you don't look like you have big red circles on your cheeks xD Like a clown.

Kinda looks scary when you skim your eyes on it.
Next, we get to the eyes!  This part especially depends on the person. Since my eyes are one of my best features, I don't need to do much to them--don't put on what you don't need. I apply eyeshadow, then mascara. My eyelashes are longer than the Mississippi River, so I just use mascara to darken them. But some girls need to do the precedure differently!
Always do eyelashes last. I start with eyeshadow. Though if you got circle lenses or colored contacts, put those on first. If you want a mature look, go for mild tones similar to your skin color; if you want a smokey look, darker tones blended in with eachother; a cute, sweet look, lighter, sparklier tones.
Next, a lotta girls do the eyeliner, although I don't need to. Again, the eyeliner depends-- for the mature look, black eyeliner that builds up more on the outer corner of the eye. For the smokey look, a heavier bit of black eyeliner. For the sweet look, lighter colors of eyeliner like lavender or silver.

Tutorial for a mature (yet cute and pretty) eye.

Lastly, the eyelashes! Put on them falsies if you have any. I just put on some mascara and I'm good to go. Make sure the mascara isn't too chunky though. Or, if you need to, curl the lashes first then add mascara. Whatever mascara fits your needs-- lengthening kind, volumizing kind, or the kind that does BOTH. =3 Pretty eyelashes look good with all styles.
And finally, add some gloss to your lips. I put on some chapstick first so my lips don't get dry, then some gloss. Occasionally, lipstain too. Whatever you please, but if you wear lip liner make sure it is always lighter than the lipstick! And don't wear lipstick all the time or it will suck out the natural color of your lips.

There you have it! Tips on making your face look purdy!! x3

Sunday, March 13, 2011

♥~ Prayers for Japan ~♥

Created by Victoria of Lolita Charm. Reblog! Repost! Repray!
How devastating. And I was going to meet family over there, finally meet my Japanese relatives, speak to them in the language, have some fun... now this madness ruined all of that. I hope they are okay.
It feels terrible to see such tragedies and trouble all the way over there, and not being able to help! I wish I could do something. America could, anyways. Japan shouldn't have to deal with this on their own.
Well, I am praying for everyone in Japan. Every lolita, every gyaru, every fairy, every businessman! I pray no lolita dress dare get dirty in this catastrophe! Stay strong, everyone! > ^ <!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Plagiarists: Pretenders of the Universe

Aah, copy-cats. Or, if you want to be fancy, plagiarists. These pretty little things make up the "speshul" people in this world. You know, the stupid ones.
Some are sneaky about it. Just an "inspiration" here, a "motivation" there. A little copying won't hurt. It's not like nobody will ever know, right?
Then there are the others.

The ones that completely believe that nobody'll know if they rip off of anything. Maybe they get carried away. Perhaps they were dropped by their mothers when they were young. Possibly, they are old men still living in their mother's basement. Copying each and every last ornate, intricate detail, then changing it up a bit by removing the gun from his hands or putting flowers in the basket she's holding. Those people out there who just aren't bright enough to make a simple picture up by themselves, who most likely can't take a crap by themselves, so copy the amazing people who can.

There are many plagiarists out there. Lots n lots. But, I've only found a few. So I shall show the few that deserve a mighty "Hurp Durp" award.

Joustar: Stop Pretending You Are CLAMP.

This beautiful little manga-making publisher comes from China! Possibly the dumbest plagiarist I have ever seen in my life. Applause!
Welp, Maria-chan showed me this article here, posted by Existence Proof, about an idiot plagiarizing good ol' CLAMP. I thought it would just be a picture or two with poses of Sakura that look identical to another girl. Yeah, no. Oh my goodness, was I wrong.

Well over thirty comparisons that look basically the exact same as CLAMP's original pictures.

I'm not talking about "she has the same hair style", "he has the same outfit". I'm talking FULL-ON, "Hai world, I'm an idiot who can't make up ANYTHING for myself!" replicas. Some literally copied background items from CLAMP's pictures and pasted them onto "their" pictures exactly.
Why, oh why, Joustar, would you even DARE mess with CLAMP? You know, the most popular mangaka group in the world with probably thousands of fans in every country? That's more fans than the sweatdrops in your armpits! Crazy, I know!
At first I didn't know who was this idiot, but then Maria-chan showed me this link here.
My favorite was the one where they copied Syaoran, him posing holding a pistol in the air, and just took the gun out of his hand. That'll save us for sure!
While Existence Proof has plenty of pictures (and there must be more) copying CLAMP, I'll show you two that just left me stunned. Stupidity is golden. The capitons will read what Joustar was saying during the creation of their dog doo.

Okay gaiz, if we make him not wink, nobody'll suspect anyfin. Give her a ponytail, tew. And pink stuff, on, on her clothes.
Oh man. You guys are so original. Not only is that guy posing the EXACT SAME WAY, the cake, teacup, and outfit-maid-theme is so MYSTERIOUSLY similar. Bravo, guys, at least that dotted background is something.

Close up, gaiz. Close up and give her some pink sockz. And turn that stuffed-thing brown n stuff.
You make me wonder, Joustar, why you even try. This is beyond plagiarism. This is just brutal. You've managed to copy everything and just slightly change the things original about the manga. Congratulations, you're not good at anything.

Jigoku Shoujo: No, Ai-chan! Whyyyyyy!

I don't blame the Jigoku Shoujo Project for this, nor Ai-chan (please don't send me to hell). I blame whoever thought it was a great idea to make a live-action drama. ;-;
This I found by myself. I AM ASHAMED. My FAVORITE anime (second fav now- Go Umineko!) copying my FAVORITE video game-- Fatal Frame. I don't think anyone found out yet ;-; But I know, in my heart, that it is WRONG. *Tears*
Check this out:

This is a picture of Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, if you didn't know. Place close attention to those butterflies. Now look at this picture of the Jigoku Shoujo Drama:

The butterfly to the right of Ai-chan is an exact, reversed-replica of the butterfly swirling to the right of Mayu (the twin in the back). *Sniffle* I thought I trusted you...
Someone, tell me I'm wrong. Tell me this is a lie!!!

Last but not least...
Give a big hand for Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! is really cute, but c'mon now. Copy HARUHI? Who on earth would do such a thing? I would expect that from Joustar, not Key.

Someone needs common sense now.  You added all the essentials to making a Haruhi, people are going to find out. Hairstyle, school uniform, hair bow... it just looks like an abstract-colored version of Haruhi! Just cuz you made so many awesome visual novals and animes, doesn't mean you can get away with that.

There you have it people! See ya next time on Plagiarists: Pretenders of the Universe! >w<

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting Him to Notice You: Dokidoki Crisis!

Strawberry Red Love!

My BFF Nancy (I call her Koi-chan) gave me this email because I was feeling down today, thinking some chic was stealing my beloved purinsu (crush in Paulina language). It was so brilliant I thought I'd share it with everyone else T^T *Tears of joy* You make me proud, Koi-chan.

~Koi-chan's Guide to Getting You Purinsu~

1. Know that every man is the same in one aspect.
When he first sees or meets a girl, he will undoubtedly be interested no matter what. You have to ask him to hang out quickly before his attention is lost, though. 
2. Smile.
Smiling is contagious. If he sees you smiling, most guys will have the reaction to do it back.
Key: Keep eye-contact, while smiling. This keeps the tension in the air flirty and fun. <3
3. Approach him.
Don't run up to him .. just casually get closer to him and be friendly.
Start out with a simple greeting. (:
4. Take a deep breath before you talk to him.
Seems pointless, but it does help calm down the nerves.
5. Joke and be fun, but don't try too hard, or you'll make a fool out of yourself.
Just act like he's your friend. (I think I tried too hard.) ~**Note: She means with her ex-boyfriend. Meh, he was a douche anyway. =3
6. Don't act weird unless that is your personality.
Laugh occasionally at what the guy says, he'll be happy to know that you find him funny. If he enjoys the attention, he'll be more likely to hang out with you again.  
7. Make eye contact.
Sure, it may be scary, but this will help him know how you feel. Make sure you are smiling while you do it, and do not do it for too long. It's not a staring contest, just a quick look. >W<
8. Be nice to him.
Guys don't like it when you're mean. (I bet your puwinsu doesn't like Usa, cause' she's mean.) ~**Note: Usa's the good ol' purinsu-snatcher at my school. If you have one of these, don't fret. You can be better than them with all these tips.~
Be pleasant and don't pick at him. If he's not the shy type, you can kind of tease him in a friendly, funny way if they are pretty silly themselves.
9. Be yourself
Don't pretend to be someone you are not for the guy. You want him to like you for you, right?
10. If you are out with a group, make sure you also talk to your other friends.
He may find it uncomfortable.
11. Let him do some of the chasing too. 
Guys enjoy a challenge, so don't make it too easy to be with you, but don't make it too hard.
Just be casual. :3
12. Remember, you are an awesome girl, who will make an awesome guy be proud being with you.
If you get rejected, do not be upset, just move on. (Like Koi - chii)
13. Try asking him if he knows someone you do know.
It's a simple thing, and fairly easy to do if you sum up the courage. (Don't try Usa, or me! Lol. xD)
Try to bend it into a light conversation, but don't make it obvious. If he seems uninterested, 
14. Think about what you want to say to him before you talk to him, practice your expressions and sentences to mold it into a friendly manner.
Of course its impossible if you have nothing to talk about, but  you have to think of something!
Like, Japan ~ >w< ~**Note: Mai purinsu's Japanese. No, I don't like him just cuz of that xD It's just a nice bonus >w</
15. Gently brush his arm or something while passing.
Not too hard, just like it was an accident. It'll get him thinking. Try brushing off pretend fuzz or picking off a pretend hair. Make him comfortable with contact gradually.
16. Remember not to laugh at everything he says.
It'll annoy him.
17. Compliment him.
Make him feel good but don't compliment him too much ; He might get annoyed.
18. Try to talk to him about things he likes that makes small talk easier, and he'll catch on and will be more involved in the conversation.
19. Don't annoy him.
It is a possible way that he won't want to talk to you anymore. Don't stalk him, no one likes someone following their every move.
20. Almost every guy will fall at the look of a pretty girl.
Give him this chance. Be open with him and let him fall. After all, you like him right?
There you have it guys! Koi-chan, you're the best! =D

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nerds Can Be Kawaii, Too!

We all know the pain. Whether going out in public with a mom framed with cat eye glasses older than dirt, having to comfort a friend as tears roll down her newly spectacled face, or being the one sobbing over new goggles yourself, we've all felt the despair. It's in all the TV shows; four-eyes is always the one getting bullied and called a nerd, of all things. Well, get shoved into lockers no more! For here comes-- DORK-B-GONE!
Just kidding. It's just a blog post about how to look cute with glasses.

In case you're still skeptic, BOOM:

It is very much possible to look kawaii in a pair of specs. If you're wondering: How is this possible?! Welp, without further's how!

Make your hair curly/wavy. Glasses make you look kind of bland unless you do something to dazzle yourself up. If you curl your hair, or if it's long, give it some soft waves, it will soften the effects the straightness and hardness of the glasses and make you look more feminine and girly. If your hair is shorter, give it cute ringlets all over. If it's longer, soft waves work best. Curled/waved hair + Glasses = Instant kawaiiness, as shown above, and here:

 Other styles that would look good are deeply parted side bangs, or heavy straight fringe along with loose pigtails or loose braids. The key is to try to make your hair look soft, contrasting with the hardness of the glasses.

Feminize your face, if that's a word. Again with contrasting with the glasses, strawberry lip gloss, black mascara, golden eyeshadow anyone? Anything to make you look kawaii! I don't wear glasses, but if I ever put them on for fun, my eyelashes are so long that they brush against the glass and annoy me! So I don't know if you can wear falsies D= But there are other options! This helps in many different ways. It softens your look, makes you ultra-kawaii, and makes you not look plain and...dare we say it...dorky. No jerk's gunna make fun of you now!

If you absolutely HATE THEM, get some good ol contacts. People wear them all the time -- don't be afraid that they'll hurt. If you move your pupil to the side of your eye before putting them on, they won't hurt at first, and then afterwards they won't hurt at all as you wear em around. Make sure the contacts are good though, otherwise they will hurt.

There you have it! Anyone can be kawaii!!~<3


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Circle Lenses

first of all harro :3 this here is maria~

okidoke so this is a topic about circle lenses~~ if you have not heard  about them they are contact lenses that come in marious sizes they make your eyes seem bigger and cuter ..

 look how big her eyes look it gives her the cute dolly eyes look :D perfect for lolitas!~~

good and bad contact lenses: good would be if it makes you look really cute desu~~ and if it does not look too fake that would be bad if you wnt to make it look like real eyes dont get the weird colors like pink or orange or purple etc. k? but if ur trying to get them noticed go ritght shead they are also very cute *A*
bad would be like if the lenses are way too big and make you look like a freak or maniac , it cant be super huge or else itll look really fake alright?

                                        bad use she looks like a freak nee? no offense u.u"

                                                    this are cute~~ she looks adorable :3

price ranges :  i think it ranges about 22$ to 50$ depends on the brand and site do.

links~~lenscircle its good it has cheap ones and theyre all really cute :D look for the sales~~ and it comes with cute bag and animal lense carring case :3 , honeycolor also great and fast shipping for the us also comes with cute traceling contact case~~ and i found its cheaper than lenscircle but  pick wichever u want :D

those two up there are my favorite site. cricle lenses are really popular around the internet these days go ahead and get yourself a pair :D

Picking Out the Best Lolita Wig

As lolitas, we must look elegant, adorable, and like a million bucks. But sometimes our hair refuses to do so.

It happens.

That's when the almighty ~WIG~ comes in! Put it over that mass of chaos on your head and FLOOF *Dramatic action sounds*--

Mega-kawaiiness. Cause you know, that's a word. But some wigs either just look cheap and horrible or make you look like a cosplayer. And no lolita wants to be out on a stroll or going to a cafe, looking like a cosplayer. You want to look like a cosplayer when you're, dundundunnnn, cosplaying.

So, this is how to find the perfect wig.

It better not be shiny!  If your wig's too glossy, it is a dead give away. First thing to look at while buying a kawaii little wig is to make sure it actually looks like real hair. This is the number one screw up lolitas or others may accomplish that ends up placing them in the cosplay category. Because people will look at you and think, "Pink wig --> Costume --> Cosplay." And then even possibly think you're a maid, so watch out. Also, there is a difference between bad glossy and good glossy. Because a good shine looks natural while a bad one looks synthetic. Here are examples of good and bad.
Now, just cause it's a cosplay wig doesn't mean you have to cosplay to wear it! This isn't too shiny, the soft, light color matches her light skin color, and it has different strands of color, which makes it look more real than just a solid color.

Sorry, but this is just bad. It shines in all the wrong places, it looks as though it'd feel horrible, and the color is off for her skin type.

Does it fit your needs? Do you want a short blonde bob, or long platinum curls? Do you  need raven hair to match your outfit, or will brunette look better? Think about this while buying a wig. If it only looks good on one outfit, avoid buying it. You might find something better that goes well with everything you have in your closet.

Make sure it's comfy. It would be horrible to be frying under a wig that feels like it's on fire. Or your face turning purple because it's so tight. Make sure, if you can, that it is comfortable to wear--heat resistant and fitting.

If you're buying online, always check the feedback. It will tell you whether or not the seller is just a complete a-hole who sells crappy wigs and makes them look good in the picture. =3

Low price isn't always a good thing. Most good wigs I've seen, while still not complete rip-offs over a hundred bucks, are around $30 to $70. $15 wigs might look nice, but think about how they might feel. Would they feel coarse and synthetic? Or maybe they'll fry your head off? The rule about wigs is that if you don't want to look cheap, don't buy cheap.

Don't be afraid to buy a cosplay wig. I put a Luka picture up there because it's not going to be Luka if you don't arrange an entire costume for Luka. Without all the other elements that make up her cosplay outfit, that wig is no longer Luka's hair, it's just pretty pink locks that would look really well with your French Cafe Angelic Pretty Jsk. You are not dishonoring the Lolita clan's pride. Don't worry about it!

There you have it! Keep these tips in mind while getting some lovely locks! This article here is by Victoria Suzanne, who made Lolita Charm, and it says what to do after buying the wig, so check that out too!

Friday, February 18, 2011

How to Get Over A Man

I'm writing this because my dear friend, Nancy's boyfriend (but we call em 'purinsu's if you know any Japanese [my friends'd never be able to say "watashi no ouji-sama" so I made it simple =3]) just recently broke up with her in the rudest way possible. I would have spared him if he was nice about it, I'd understand, he didn't like her for some reason and couldn't see how beautiful she was under all that shyness.But noooo. Check this out; Nancy-chan realizes her turd-face of a boyfriend is kinda sorta ignoring her in a way. Plus, he's always getting pretty goddamn close to all the prissy girls at our school that flock to him like pigeons to an old lady with birdie food. He keeps denying he's ignoring her, but even as he says he's not, he's harshly quiet and giving her the cold shoulder as she stands, helpless, confused, and oh so terribly timid.

Now, if you ever met me, I'm always quite nice to everyone that's nice back. I'm actually kinda shy myself at times, but mostly just quiet and thoughtful. But if I was in Nancy-chan's place (I was actually a while before), I would be standing straight with a fist on my hip demanding the reason behind his rude avoidance and his bitter-cold shoulder. Nancy-chan's quite different. She's so painfully shy around her purinsu, only managing to give him a cute hug when they pass by in halls. She has been so afraid since the beginning that she wasn't "good enough for him" and she never could find anything to say.

To all those girlies out there who are timid around the boy they like, such as my kawaii friend Nancy-chan, don't worry about it! You're not going to look like an idiot just by saying a few words to him. That shyness however can easily turn into kawaii, anime girl-style sweetness if you just be a little more talkative. You don't need to go on an hour-long rant about potatoes, but just doing something so that he actually notices you would help. I kept telling Nancy this, but she was just too shy. And then...

Nancy, I know for a fact, never did anything to that scumbag. She truly truly TRULY had feelings for him, and what does he do? Throw her out. Even till the end, she never got mad. She told him through facebook: "I'll understand if you don't like me anymore. It's okay." and DOES he say "I'm sorry, but it just isn't working out." No. DOES he say "I don't mean to hurt you, but we're breaking up." No! DOES HE EVEN SAY "Sorry, but I like another girl." NO!!

HE ****ING SAYS "I really don't give a damn."

I'll let the boiling anger seep into your insides for a moment. Now...

Congratulations, dipshit, you are the dumbest man alive. Ladies, if you've ever had this kind of craphole for a "boyfriend" and you just want to get over him for good, here is a few tips.

Think of it this way. Every person on Earth has a purinsu or purinsesu, that one special person just for them. But first, they must find them. Realize that piece of steaming dog doo doo isn't you purinsu and keep moving on to find the right one.

Know you're better than him, and better off without him. Some girls cling to their exes, pleading them to come back, crying and crying. No, girl! You'll never move on if you keep that up. You're looking for love, but grabbing onto his leg while he's trying to shake your soaked face off is not the way to find it, and you never will find it if you keep that up. You'll just stay in misery!

Stay strong. It's okay to demolish a few tissue boxes after the break-up, and devour a tub of ice cream, it's fine to cry, just not infront of him. And don't text him/call him or reply to his texts/calls ever. You don't need him, please realize this. You will get over him in a bit, and find new men. He's not you purinsu! The key is to not give in and keep strong. Weakness gets you no where, my dear, and you won't be happy until you realize he's worthless. You gotta quit being helpless and start being strong, because that is when you will realize just how stupid he is!

Hang out with friends. The night after the break up and a few days following it, you might just want to be alone (or you want to flood your good friends' ears with your heartbreak through the phone, whichever you choose), but afterwords, you have to get with your friends and do something together. Preferably just the girls. Perhaps go looking for a new man to make that old rat jealous~ But really, your good ol pals will cheer you up, and you'll be back to being pretty little you in no time.

Smile. Listen to music, text your BFF, watch your favorite anime-- whatever you can do to cheer up. And in public, keep that frown upside-down. It is true that once you start smiling, you'll really feel happy and find something to truly smile about. Laugh a little, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and better off without that jerk. Dress up for a girl's night out and forget him. There are better men out there, a man for you who will truly care.

Understand that you won't be alone forever. I thought I was gonna be crushless for eternity, but your heart will start fluttering again, as mine did! Think realistically, you're gunna meet another guy one day that doesn't suck. So just stand up after that last a-hole kicked you down, and keep searching. ~

There you go. And keep smiling girls, you are gorgeous with or without him. <3

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sakura Con Lolita Style!

The Sakura Con is a big thing for otakus of the area. Cosplayers, kawaii-lovers, visual-kei-lovers, and yes, lolitas aswell, flock together in a big convention full of fun, Japan, and everything Japan has to offer. This will be my first year, and I'll be dressing up Kawaii-Harajuku-Style since I'm so broke I can't afford a cosplay outfit (woulda gone as Sae from Fatal Frame or Ai from Jigoku Shoujo) and if I can't even afford a wig and bloody kimono, chances are I can't afford a lolita dress. But I won't be wearing lolita dresses to conventions anyway unless it's my best dress, since conventions are for costumes. :3

I am so happy, I can't wait for the Sakura Con. Berryz Kobo'll be playing there *girly squeal* and I'm starting to really like exist trace, another band playing there. My outfit isn't complete yet, but I've based it off of this:

Very cute, nee? Like a unicorn just puked rainbows on lolita. =3
Plus, most of my hair accessories, bows and ribbons, would look good in a lolita style. YAY.
Can't wait! Any japan-lovers out there who'll be going? x3

Fun things lolitas can do when bored. :3

When you are bored at your house feeling lonely~~ , you can:

  • Call in some lolitafriends or neightbor etc to play with :3
  • dress yourself up real nicely and have a lil tea party with some treats and tea~
  • go to a nice ice cream place with an ipod full of ur fav songs
  • put some extra especial lashes on and some dazzling make-up and take a photoshoot sesion
  • dress up your pet, non-lolita friend in lolita clothes
  • do some online shopping to hunt for good deals on dresses etc
  • try to come p with your own songs :3
  • go online and do reseach on things that are new to you~~!
  • go shopping for the perfect lolita date outfit!
  • hunt down nasty pedos roaming around the streets
  •  read some storys you used to love as a kid
  • try to learn how to sew 
  • try disingning your own lolita dresses 
 okay so thats all i could think of :D enjoy

~ btw its  maria who wrote this blog hehe me and my lolita-loving friend pauline share this bloggg~~ so either one will post have a nice day , miau~!

now heres a cute lolita for you :D

How to Defend Yourself Against a Lolita-Hater

Lolitas are different. They dress differently, act differently, do things differently than the typical girl. Sure. Correct. Did you also know a dog is different from a human yet still "Man's Best Friend"? What difference does a frilly skirt and pink bonnet make? A lolita is still human, just because a girl's blouse just so happens to have puffy sleeves and a black cross in the center does not make her an alien. To dislike someone and hurt them because they are different-- Nobody seems to grasp how utterly idiotic this is. "They are different" isn't a reason to curse someone out. Everyone's different, are you going to hate everybody? And does being different honestly have to mean being not stupidly rude?

I am afraid, my fellow babydoll princesses, that there are people out there who can't think beyond the surface of "she's wearing lace. She must be dumb." There are people out there who will be down-right immature enough to actually walk up to you and give you the opinion nobody cares about. My brothers are one of these, and they sicken me. Growing up with them, I've learned how to make a lolita-- or anything-hater realize just how idiotic they truly are. Here is how.

There are a number of different types of jerks out there. But keep positive-- there are a lot of nice people out there too. Let's say, perhaps, you are in your lovely blouse and skirt walking down a street, going to the local antique store. There will always be the people with no manners, the ones who stare. You can just ignore them and keep going, looking straight ahead. Remember-- to avoid creepos (you know those guys, soaked in sweat, freaky smile, typically fat and unkempt), go with a friend unless the destination is basically right by your house.

But what if someone did worse than staring? What if they actually yelled something at you? Something rude, like "bitch", "slut", "trash". If it's only words, sticks and stones. Ignoring them will make them look stupid, and since they're most likely immature enough, they'll get frustrated because they didn't make YOU frustrated like they wanted. Then, like a little child, they'll get bored and go back to living their sad lives. Just keep calm and cool, like a Lolita would. It's only words, dollie.

However, if it's more than words...
There have been incidents when freaks with anger issues actually attacked lolitas, throwing things at them and all that dog doo doo. It's okay to be angry at these kinds of things. The mighty middle finger is acceptable to whip out at this moment. Since a lolita must be ladylike, the almighty Bird must stay down until something terrible happens, something bad enough to get anyone flustered. However, if the culprit is escaping, you don't need to run after them and smack them with your purse (if they aren't running and actually GRABBING at you, go right ahead girl!) Chances are you'll never meet them again in your life. If they actually follow you and keep it up, bring a big brother, a boyfriend, some male who can protect you next time you go out. If the person follows you home, they are a freaky stalker. Tell them you will call the police if they don't gtfo.

Sometimes people walk up to you and aren't necessarily rude, they just ask you why you wear such a thing ("Aren't you hot?" is, congratulations, the dumbest question in the history of the planet), and it is okay to explain, just remain peaceful and kind. Elegance is key to being a lolita. However, if they go up to you and insult you, chances are you don't know what to say and just gracefully glare at them in awkward speechlessness at their stupidity. Here's what you do: Smile, say "I'm sorry you think that," and walk away. They look like an idiot now. If they follow you, as I said above, it won't matter unless they're seriously stalking you, and you can ask a store clerk or someone to kindly ask them to leave because they're bothering you.

And then there are the creepers. The 45 year old fatty who almost seems as though he's slimy, and gets a 2-cm boner everytime he sees cute little girls in frilly dresses. If he grabs you, kick, scream, yell a random guy name and pretend your boyfriend's going to come to the rescue. "ROMEO~~~!"

To prevent this bloated slug from sliming up your beautiful apron/dress/jsk/whatever you're wearing that day, a few tips will be good for you:
-Always go with a friend to busy places and places far away. The rats lurk in the shadows, looking for lonely dolls.. (That's right, they're slugs AND rats.)
-If you do see someone who looks sketchy (unkempt, creepy, dirty), avoid them as much as possible.
-Please, don't be the stupid girl who believes that guy online really is 15 and really is going to meet up with her in the alleyway to give her pink roses. It is so easy to lie on the internet, I could say I'm 23 and make anyone believe me like that. You know why a lot of guys say "There are no women on the internet"? Because half of those girls are really 50 year old sweaty old men. Don't take this lightly, I'm serious. Because you really do not want to be the unlucky girl that gets swept away in the alleyway by Prince Pedo.

And there you have it, how to be lolita, elegant and still survive the day. You are just too cute, my dear, and being cute can be a dangerous thing.

Dangerous indeed. =3