Monday, March 7, 2011

Plagiarists: Pretenders of the Universe

Aah, copy-cats. Or, if you want to be fancy, plagiarists. These pretty little things make up the "speshul" people in this world. You know, the stupid ones.
Some are sneaky about it. Just an "inspiration" here, a "motivation" there. A little copying won't hurt. It's not like nobody will ever know, right?
Then there are the others.

The ones that completely believe that nobody'll know if they rip off of anything. Maybe they get carried away. Perhaps they were dropped by their mothers when they were young. Possibly, they are old men still living in their mother's basement. Copying each and every last ornate, intricate detail, then changing it up a bit by removing the gun from his hands or putting flowers in the basket she's holding. Those people out there who just aren't bright enough to make a simple picture up by themselves, who most likely can't take a crap by themselves, so copy the amazing people who can.

There are many plagiarists out there. Lots n lots. But, I've only found a few. So I shall show the few that deserve a mighty "Hurp Durp" award.

Joustar: Stop Pretending You Are CLAMP.

This beautiful little manga-making publisher comes from China! Possibly the dumbest plagiarist I have ever seen in my life. Applause!
Welp, Maria-chan showed me this article here, posted by Existence Proof, about an idiot plagiarizing good ol' CLAMP. I thought it would just be a picture or two with poses of Sakura that look identical to another girl. Yeah, no. Oh my goodness, was I wrong.

Well over thirty comparisons that look basically the exact same as CLAMP's original pictures.

I'm not talking about "she has the same hair style", "he has the same outfit". I'm talking FULL-ON, "Hai world, I'm an idiot who can't make up ANYTHING for myself!" replicas. Some literally copied background items from CLAMP's pictures and pasted them onto "their" pictures exactly.
Why, oh why, Joustar, would you even DARE mess with CLAMP? You know, the most popular mangaka group in the world with probably thousands of fans in every country? That's more fans than the sweatdrops in your armpits! Crazy, I know!
At first I didn't know who was this idiot, but then Maria-chan showed me this link here.
My favorite was the one where they copied Syaoran, him posing holding a pistol in the air, and just took the gun out of his hand. That'll save us for sure!
While Existence Proof has plenty of pictures (and there must be more) copying CLAMP, I'll show you two that just left me stunned. Stupidity is golden. The capitons will read what Joustar was saying during the creation of their dog doo.

Okay gaiz, if we make him not wink, nobody'll suspect anyfin. Give her a ponytail, tew. And pink stuff, on, on her clothes.
Oh man. You guys are so original. Not only is that guy posing the EXACT SAME WAY, the cake, teacup, and outfit-maid-theme is so MYSTERIOUSLY similar. Bravo, guys, at least that dotted background is something.

Close up, gaiz. Close up and give her some pink sockz. And turn that stuffed-thing brown n stuff.
You make me wonder, Joustar, why you even try. This is beyond plagiarism. This is just brutal. You've managed to copy everything and just slightly change the things original about the manga. Congratulations, you're not good at anything.

Jigoku Shoujo: No, Ai-chan! Whyyyyyy!

I don't blame the Jigoku Shoujo Project for this, nor Ai-chan (please don't send me to hell). I blame whoever thought it was a great idea to make a live-action drama. ;-;
This I found by myself. I AM ASHAMED. My FAVORITE anime (second fav now- Go Umineko!) copying my FAVORITE video game-- Fatal Frame. I don't think anyone found out yet ;-; But I know, in my heart, that it is WRONG. *Tears*
Check this out:

This is a picture of Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, if you didn't know. Place close attention to those butterflies. Now look at this picture of the Jigoku Shoujo Drama:

The butterfly to the right of Ai-chan is an exact, reversed-replica of the butterfly swirling to the right of Mayu (the twin in the back). *Sniffle* I thought I trusted you...
Someone, tell me I'm wrong. Tell me this is a lie!!!

Last but not least...
Give a big hand for Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! is really cute, but c'mon now. Copy HARUHI? Who on earth would do such a thing? I would expect that from Joustar, not Key.

Someone needs common sense now.  You added all the essentials to making a Haruhi, people are going to find out. Hairstyle, school uniform, hair bow... it just looks like an abstract-colored version of Haruhi! Just cuz you made so many awesome visual novals and animes, doesn't mean you can get away with that.

There you have it people! See ya next time on Plagiarists: Pretenders of the Universe! >w<

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