Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting Him to Notice You: Dokidoki Crisis!

Strawberry Red Love!

My BFF Nancy (I call her Koi-chan) gave me this email because I was feeling down today, thinking some chic was stealing my beloved purinsu (crush in Paulina language). It was so brilliant I thought I'd share it with everyone else T^T *Tears of joy* You make me proud, Koi-chan.

~Koi-chan's Guide to Getting You Purinsu~

1. Know that every man is the same in one aspect.
When he first sees or meets a girl, he will undoubtedly be interested no matter what. You have to ask him to hang out quickly before his attention is lost, though. 
2. Smile.
Smiling is contagious. If he sees you smiling, most guys will have the reaction to do it back.
Key: Keep eye-contact, while smiling. This keeps the tension in the air flirty and fun. <3
3. Approach him.
Don't run up to him .. just casually get closer to him and be friendly.
Start out with a simple greeting. (:
4. Take a deep breath before you talk to him.
Seems pointless, but it does help calm down the nerves.
5. Joke and be fun, but don't try too hard, or you'll make a fool out of yourself.
Just act like he's your friend. (I think I tried too hard.) ~**Note: She means with her ex-boyfriend. Meh, he was a douche anyway. =3
6. Don't act weird unless that is your personality.
Laugh occasionally at what the guy says, he'll be happy to know that you find him funny. If he enjoys the attention, he'll be more likely to hang out with you again.  
7. Make eye contact.
Sure, it may be scary, but this will help him know how you feel. Make sure you are smiling while you do it, and do not do it for too long. It's not a staring contest, just a quick look. >W<
8. Be nice to him.
Guys don't like it when you're mean. (I bet your puwinsu doesn't like Usa, cause' she's mean.) ~**Note: Usa's the good ol' purinsu-snatcher at my school. If you have one of these, don't fret. You can be better than them with all these tips.~
Be pleasant and don't pick at him. If he's not the shy type, you can kind of tease him in a friendly, funny way if they are pretty silly themselves.
9. Be yourself
Don't pretend to be someone you are not for the guy. You want him to like you for you, right?
10. If you are out with a group, make sure you also talk to your other friends.
He may find it uncomfortable.
11. Let him do some of the chasing too. 
Guys enjoy a challenge, so don't make it too easy to be with you, but don't make it too hard.
Just be casual. :3
12. Remember, you are an awesome girl, who will make an awesome guy be proud being with you.
If you get rejected, do not be upset, just move on. (Like Koi - chii)
13. Try asking him if he knows someone you do know.
It's a simple thing, and fairly easy to do if you sum up the courage. (Don't try Usa, or me! Lol. xD)
Try to bend it into a light conversation, but don't make it obvious. If he seems uninterested, 
14. Think about what you want to say to him before you talk to him, practice your expressions and sentences to mold it into a friendly manner.
Of course its impossible if you have nothing to talk about, but  you have to think of something!
Like, Japan ~ >w< ~**Note: Mai purinsu's Japanese. No, I don't like him just cuz of that xD It's just a nice bonus >w</
15. Gently brush his arm or something while passing.
Not too hard, just like it was an accident. It'll get him thinking. Try brushing off pretend fuzz or picking off a pretend hair. Make him comfortable with contact gradually.
16. Remember not to laugh at everything he says.
It'll annoy him.
17. Compliment him.
Make him feel good but don't compliment him too much ; He might get annoyed.
18. Try to talk to him about things he likes that makes small talk easier, and he'll catch on and will be more involved in the conversation.
19. Don't annoy him.
It is a possible way that he won't want to talk to you anymore. Don't stalk him, no one likes someone following their every move.
20. Almost every guy will fall at the look of a pretty girl.
Give him this chance. Be open with him and let him fall. After all, you like him right?
There you have it guys! Koi-chan, you're the best! =D

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