Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nerds Can Be Kawaii, Too!

We all know the pain. Whether going out in public with a mom framed with cat eye glasses older than dirt, having to comfort a friend as tears roll down her newly spectacled face, or being the one sobbing over new goggles yourself, we've all felt the despair. It's in all the TV shows; four-eyes is always the one getting bullied and called a nerd, of all things. Well, get shoved into lockers no more! For here comes-- DORK-B-GONE!
Just kidding. It's just a blog post about how to look cute with glasses.

In case you're still skeptic, BOOM:

It is very much possible to look kawaii in a pair of specs. If you're wondering: How is this possible?! Welp, without further's how!

Make your hair curly/wavy. Glasses make you look kind of bland unless you do something to dazzle yourself up. If you curl your hair, or if it's long, give it some soft waves, it will soften the effects the straightness and hardness of the glasses and make you look more feminine and girly. If your hair is shorter, give it cute ringlets all over. If it's longer, soft waves work best. Curled/waved hair + Glasses = Instant kawaiiness, as shown above, and here:

 Other styles that would look good are deeply parted side bangs, or heavy straight fringe along with loose pigtails or loose braids. The key is to try to make your hair look soft, contrasting with the hardness of the glasses.

Feminize your face, if that's a word. Again with contrasting with the glasses, strawberry lip gloss, black mascara, golden eyeshadow anyone? Anything to make you look kawaii! I don't wear glasses, but if I ever put them on for fun, my eyelashes are so long that they brush against the glass and annoy me! So I don't know if you can wear falsies D= But there are other options! This helps in many different ways. It softens your look, makes you ultra-kawaii, and makes you not look plain and...dare we say it...dorky. No jerk's gunna make fun of you now!

If you absolutely HATE THEM, get some good ol contacts. People wear them all the time -- don't be afraid that they'll hurt. If you move your pupil to the side of your eye before putting them on, they won't hurt at first, and then afterwards they won't hurt at all as you wear em around. Make sure the contacts are good though, otherwise they will hurt.

There you have it! Anyone can be kawaii!!~<3


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