Sunday, February 20, 2011

Picking Out the Best Lolita Wig

As lolitas, we must look elegant, adorable, and like a million bucks. But sometimes our hair refuses to do so.

It happens.

That's when the almighty ~WIG~ comes in! Put it over that mass of chaos on your head and FLOOF *Dramatic action sounds*--

Mega-kawaiiness. Cause you know, that's a word. But some wigs either just look cheap and horrible or make you look like a cosplayer. And no lolita wants to be out on a stroll or going to a cafe, looking like a cosplayer. You want to look like a cosplayer when you're, dundundunnnn, cosplaying.

So, this is how to find the perfect wig.

It better not be shiny!  If your wig's too glossy, it is a dead give away. First thing to look at while buying a kawaii little wig is to make sure it actually looks like real hair. This is the number one screw up lolitas or others may accomplish that ends up placing them in the cosplay category. Because people will look at you and think, "Pink wig --> Costume --> Cosplay." And then even possibly think you're a maid, so watch out. Also, there is a difference between bad glossy and good glossy. Because a good shine looks natural while a bad one looks synthetic. Here are examples of good and bad.
Now, just cause it's a cosplay wig doesn't mean you have to cosplay to wear it! This isn't too shiny, the soft, light color matches her light skin color, and it has different strands of color, which makes it look more real than just a solid color.

Sorry, but this is just bad. It shines in all the wrong places, it looks as though it'd feel horrible, and the color is off for her skin type.

Does it fit your needs? Do you want a short blonde bob, or long platinum curls? Do you  need raven hair to match your outfit, or will brunette look better? Think about this while buying a wig. If it only looks good on one outfit, avoid buying it. You might find something better that goes well with everything you have in your closet.

Make sure it's comfy. It would be horrible to be frying under a wig that feels like it's on fire. Or your face turning purple because it's so tight. Make sure, if you can, that it is comfortable to wear--heat resistant and fitting.

If you're buying online, always check the feedback. It will tell you whether or not the seller is just a complete a-hole who sells crappy wigs and makes them look good in the picture. =3

Low price isn't always a good thing. Most good wigs I've seen, while still not complete rip-offs over a hundred bucks, are around $30 to $70. $15 wigs might look nice, but think about how they might feel. Would they feel coarse and synthetic? Or maybe they'll fry your head off? The rule about wigs is that if you don't want to look cheap, don't buy cheap.

Don't be afraid to buy a cosplay wig. I put a Luka picture up there because it's not going to be Luka if you don't arrange an entire costume for Luka. Without all the other elements that make up her cosplay outfit, that wig is no longer Luka's hair, it's just pretty pink locks that would look really well with your French Cafe Angelic Pretty Jsk. You are not dishonoring the Lolita clan's pride. Don't worry about it!

There you have it! Keep these tips in mind while getting some lovely locks! This article here is by Victoria Suzanne, who made Lolita Charm, and it says what to do after buying the wig, so check that out too!

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