Friday, February 18, 2011

How to Get Over A Man

I'm writing this because my dear friend, Nancy's boyfriend (but we call em 'purinsu's if you know any Japanese [my friends'd never be able to say "watashi no ouji-sama" so I made it simple =3]) just recently broke up with her in the rudest way possible. I would have spared him if he was nice about it, I'd understand, he didn't like her for some reason and couldn't see how beautiful she was under all that shyness.But noooo. Check this out; Nancy-chan realizes her turd-face of a boyfriend is kinda sorta ignoring her in a way. Plus, he's always getting pretty goddamn close to all the prissy girls at our school that flock to him like pigeons to an old lady with birdie food. He keeps denying he's ignoring her, but even as he says he's not, he's harshly quiet and giving her the cold shoulder as she stands, helpless, confused, and oh so terribly timid.

Now, if you ever met me, I'm always quite nice to everyone that's nice back. I'm actually kinda shy myself at times, but mostly just quiet and thoughtful. But if I was in Nancy-chan's place (I was actually a while before), I would be standing straight with a fist on my hip demanding the reason behind his rude avoidance and his bitter-cold shoulder. Nancy-chan's quite different. She's so painfully shy around her purinsu, only managing to give him a cute hug when they pass by in halls. She has been so afraid since the beginning that she wasn't "good enough for him" and she never could find anything to say.

To all those girlies out there who are timid around the boy they like, such as my kawaii friend Nancy-chan, don't worry about it! You're not going to look like an idiot just by saying a few words to him. That shyness however can easily turn into kawaii, anime girl-style sweetness if you just be a little more talkative. You don't need to go on an hour-long rant about potatoes, but just doing something so that he actually notices you would help. I kept telling Nancy this, but she was just too shy. And then...

Nancy, I know for a fact, never did anything to that scumbag. She truly truly TRULY had feelings for him, and what does he do? Throw her out. Even till the end, she never got mad. She told him through facebook: "I'll understand if you don't like me anymore. It's okay." and DOES he say "I'm sorry, but it just isn't working out." No. DOES he say "I don't mean to hurt you, but we're breaking up." No! DOES HE EVEN SAY "Sorry, but I like another girl." NO!!

HE ****ING SAYS "I really don't give a damn."

I'll let the boiling anger seep into your insides for a moment. Now...

Congratulations, dipshit, you are the dumbest man alive. Ladies, if you've ever had this kind of craphole for a "boyfriend" and you just want to get over him for good, here is a few tips.

Think of it this way. Every person on Earth has a purinsu or purinsesu, that one special person just for them. But first, they must find them. Realize that piece of steaming dog doo doo isn't you purinsu and keep moving on to find the right one.

Know you're better than him, and better off without him. Some girls cling to their exes, pleading them to come back, crying and crying. No, girl! You'll never move on if you keep that up. You're looking for love, but grabbing onto his leg while he's trying to shake your soaked face off is not the way to find it, and you never will find it if you keep that up. You'll just stay in misery!

Stay strong. It's okay to demolish a few tissue boxes after the break-up, and devour a tub of ice cream, it's fine to cry, just not infront of him. And don't text him/call him or reply to his texts/calls ever. You don't need him, please realize this. You will get over him in a bit, and find new men. He's not you purinsu! The key is to not give in and keep strong. Weakness gets you no where, my dear, and you won't be happy until you realize he's worthless. You gotta quit being helpless and start being strong, because that is when you will realize just how stupid he is!

Hang out with friends. The night after the break up and a few days following it, you might just want to be alone (or you want to flood your good friends' ears with your heartbreak through the phone, whichever you choose), but afterwords, you have to get with your friends and do something together. Preferably just the girls. Perhaps go looking for a new man to make that old rat jealous~ But really, your good ol pals will cheer you up, and you'll be back to being pretty little you in no time.

Smile. Listen to music, text your BFF, watch your favorite anime-- whatever you can do to cheer up. And in public, keep that frown upside-down. It is true that once you start smiling, you'll really feel happy and find something to truly smile about. Laugh a little, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and better off without that jerk. Dress up for a girl's night out and forget him. There are better men out there, a man for you who will truly care.

Understand that you won't be alone forever. I thought I was gonna be crushless for eternity, but your heart will start fluttering again, as mine did! Think realistically, you're gunna meet another guy one day that doesn't suck. So just stand up after that last a-hole kicked you down, and keep searching. ~

There you go. And keep smiling girls, you are gorgeous with or without him. <3

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