Sunday, February 20, 2011

Circle Lenses

first of all harro :3 this here is maria~

okidoke so this is a topic about circle lenses~~ if you have not heard  about them they are contact lenses that come in marious sizes they make your eyes seem bigger and cuter ..

 look how big her eyes look it gives her the cute dolly eyes look :D perfect for lolitas!~~

good and bad contact lenses: good would be if it makes you look really cute desu~~ and if it does not look too fake that would be bad if you wnt to make it look like real eyes dont get the weird colors like pink or orange or purple etc. k? but if ur trying to get them noticed go ritght shead they are also very cute *A*
bad would be like if the lenses are way too big and make you look like a freak or maniac , it cant be super huge or else itll look really fake alright?

                                        bad use she looks like a freak nee? no offense u.u"

                                                    this are cute~~ she looks adorable :3

price ranges :  i think it ranges about 22$ to 50$ depends on the brand and site do.

links~~lenscircle its good it has cheap ones and theyre all really cute :D look for the sales~~ and it comes with cute bag and animal lense carring case :3 , honeycolor also great and fast shipping for the us also comes with cute traceling contact case~~ and i found its cheaper than lenscircle but  pick wichever u want :D

those two up there are my favorite site. cricle lenses are really popular around the internet these days go ahead and get yourself a pair :D


  1. do you know a place to find good Color Contacts? (normal ones not those kind)

  2. Hi Paulina,

    I found your website while searching for circle lenses. Thanks for the info! Do you have a more current blog running somewhere else or a twitter or tumbler?

    I'd love to connect with you, one Lolita to another!

    ~Pammy <3