Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fun things lolitas can do when bored. :3

When you are bored at your house feeling lonely~~ , you can:

  • Call in some lolitafriends or neightbor etc to play with :3
  • dress yourself up real nicely and have a lil tea party with some treats and tea~
  • go to a nice ice cream place with an ipod full of ur fav songs
  • put some extra especial lashes on and some dazzling make-up and take a photoshoot sesion
  • dress up your pet, non-lolita friend in lolita clothes
  • do some online shopping to hunt for good deals on dresses etc
  • try to come p with your own songs :3
  • go online and do reseach on things that are new to you~~!
  • go shopping for the perfect lolita date outfit!
  • hunt down nasty pedos roaming around the streets
  •  read some storys you used to love as a kid
  • try to learn how to sew 
  • try disingning your own lolita dresses 
 okay so thats all i could think of :D enjoy

~ btw its  maria who wrote this blog hehe me and my lolita-loving friend pauline share this bloggg~~ so either one will post have a nice day , miau~!

now heres a cute lolita for you :D

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