Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tinierme game online..

yea me and paulina had been on that game for a while idk y she introduced me to all this random weirdos lol this guy was funny  but he was weird hes all like hitting on chicks like 10 minutes after he meets them lol... i like meet him and hes like mines and hers bro we call him bro but the creepy thing is he was all like o yea i love you my sisters im like ... okay bye and i left XD i didint know wat.. andd then later hes all like telling my friend i was cool even do i met him only like 5minutessssss and yea then both me and her come abck and hes all like holding some chick im like wtf,, me and her are like playaaa.. and yap that was my tinierme experience also note the outfit they give u does NOT come with shoes man i am currently still barefoot begging for money around XDD cause i wasted most my money on this one thing to get cool stuff but i ended up with no shoes..

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lolita: Something to be PROUD of

You're not alone!!
I'm writing this post for many lolitas. For the lolitas that are harrassed and discriminated against. The ones that feel different from the rest of the world, who treat them like aliens just because their dresses are prettier and frillier than a barely-butt covering, bland old black dress that's so short it can double as a shirt. The things girls actually WEAR nowadays. Whatever happened to "pretty as a princess"? It seems like the trend nowadays is "pretty as a...raccoon? Skunk?"

Sorry, I don't want to sound mean, but I must tell each and every lolita that you are beautiful. What I believe to be true beauty as well; do you know why? Because you are dressing for yourself. Girls wear those...dull? Trying to be nice dresses, sleeveless and sliding off their breasts, attempting to suffocate their thighs, because apparently men think that looks sexy. Here's my question: Why care what men think? Wear whatever thing you want, if he's truly worth it, he'll come to you. Wouldn't you get the bad  boyfriends if all they care about is that you look hot? Lolitas, on the other hand, dress because they think Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, and all those other brands look elegant, kawaii, amazing, and perfect for them. Not him. This counts for fairy kei, the new style mori girl, visual kei, manbas and banbas-- any japanese street style. They are so unique and different, and for some reason, the rest of the world doesn't like anything out of the straight, fixed, black-and-pencil-skirt-line.

No lolita should be afraid to walk outside in a sugary carnival dress and meet the world's eyes. It is not acceptable that people should be rude enough to discriminate against you just because you have on a pink curly wig; I hope you never think that's just a way of life. Don't worry about it. Fight back with silence and smiles as you walk past. As I've said before, your lolita clothing is your armour. You prove you are strong and you can break through convention so many others follow, just by wearing that jumperskirt. I think that's one of the many reasons I love lolita and those who are lolita-- you have to be strong, to be a princess.

This is why you should take pride in how strong you are! You may not realize it, but lolitas are fighting a bloodless war. Rather than guns and bombs, the weapons are nasty looks, distasteful murmurs, rude comments, and creepy glances. But we have our own artillery! Smiles, explanantions, and just plain silence-- ignoring is the best way to go. And while there ARE a lot of rude people out there, there will always be the nice ones-- compliments, and of course your fellow lolitas. Don't give up the fight, my poofy princesses. The end is always happiness. ☆