Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sakura Con Lolita Style!

The Sakura Con is a big thing for otakus of the area. Cosplayers, kawaii-lovers, visual-kei-lovers, and yes, lolitas aswell, flock together in a big convention full of fun, Japan, and everything Japan has to offer. This will be my first year, and I'll be dressing up Kawaii-Harajuku-Style since I'm so broke I can't afford a cosplay outfit (woulda gone as Sae from Fatal Frame or Ai from Jigoku Shoujo) and if I can't even afford a wig and bloody kimono, chances are I can't afford a lolita dress. But I won't be wearing lolita dresses to conventions anyway unless it's my best dress, since conventions are for costumes. :3

I am so happy, I can't wait for the Sakura Con. Berryz Kobo'll be playing there *girly squeal* and I'm starting to really like exist trace, another band playing there. My outfit isn't complete yet, but I've based it off of this:

Very cute, nee? Like a unicorn just puked rainbows on lolita. =3
Plus, most of my hair accessories, bows and ribbons, would look good in a lolita style. YAY.
Can't wait! Any japan-lovers out there who'll be going? x3

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