Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Make Up Routine

Well, my friends been asking how I put on my make up so I'mma say, and give tips for people with different faces than mine.
I first start with the liquid foundation. You dot it around your face-- for me, three dots on each cheek, one on the chin, one on the nose, and two or three on the forehead cuz my forehead's big. It depends on what face shape you have-- smaller forehead, less dots, etc. You don't want to overdo it or your face'll look cakey!
After dotting your face with it, rub it in, in the direction of your itty bitty face hairs--downwards for the cheeks, chin and nose; the hairs on your forehead are split in the middle, so rub the foundation to the left on your left side and right on the right side of the forehead.

Dot it on the face, like so.
Next, I put on blush with one of those big fluffy brushes. Here's a tip-- smile to yourself in the mirror before putting it on. Then you can see your cheek bones-- apply it there. Again, only a light amount, so you don't look like you have big red circles on your cheeks xD Like a clown.

Kinda looks scary when you skim your eyes on it.
Next, we get to the eyes!  This part especially depends on the person. Since my eyes are one of my best features, I don't need to do much to them--don't put on what you don't need. I apply eyeshadow, then mascara. My eyelashes are longer than the Mississippi River, so I just use mascara to darken them. But some girls need to do the precedure differently!
Always do eyelashes last. I start with eyeshadow. Though if you got circle lenses or colored contacts, put those on first. If you want a mature look, go for mild tones similar to your skin color; if you want a smokey look, darker tones blended in with eachother; a cute, sweet look, lighter, sparklier tones.
Next, a lotta girls do the eyeliner, although I don't need to. Again, the eyeliner depends-- for the mature look, black eyeliner that builds up more on the outer corner of the eye. For the smokey look, a heavier bit of black eyeliner. For the sweet look, lighter colors of eyeliner like lavender or silver.

Tutorial for a mature (yet cute and pretty) eye.

Lastly, the eyelashes! Put on them falsies if you have any. I just put on some mascara and I'm good to go. Make sure the mascara isn't too chunky though. Or, if you need to, curl the lashes first then add mascara. Whatever mascara fits your needs-- lengthening kind, volumizing kind, or the kind that does BOTH. =3 Pretty eyelashes look good with all styles.
And finally, add some gloss to your lips. I put on some chapstick first so my lips don't get dry, then some gloss. Occasionally, lipstain too. Whatever you please, but if you wear lip liner make sure it is always lighter than the lipstick! And don't wear lipstick all the time or it will suck out the natural color of your lips.

There you have it! Tips on making your face look purdy!! x3

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