Monday, March 21, 2011


Have you ever just wanted to pulvarize, eliminate, obliterate, wipe out a certain someone by torturing and tormenting their very last miniscule, minute molecule causing them to be nothing more than a pathetic heap on the floor, kissing your feet, begging you through their gushing crimson tears to stop the destruction as you transform and bend and distort them painfully, agonizingly into a miserable disaster and then depleting their existence till there is nothing more left of them than a stain in one's mind, a faint memory of a hopeless nothing that is soon to be fading away, a ghost of what once was, drifting out of your mind more and more and more by the millisecond as you go about your next day, laughing of what was the past in which you had so much time gloriously sinning the earth with your destruction yet knowing no one on this earth cares about the small, petite smudge, speck, flaw that you wiped out of this world as your rage consumed you and it was the only thing you desired to do at that very moment you did it, destroying a pitiful, pathetic being and then snickering at the mess you cleaned up the very next day, as things go right and easy with that worthless scum gone from the world for good and your life going the way you want it because of the "disappearence" of a certain someone?

...Well I have.

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