Sunday, March 13, 2011

♥~ Prayers for Japan ~♥

Created by Victoria of Lolita Charm. Reblog! Repost! Repray!
How devastating. And I was going to meet family over there, finally meet my Japanese relatives, speak to them in the language, have some fun... now this madness ruined all of that. I hope they are okay.
It feels terrible to see such tragedies and trouble all the way over there, and not being able to help! I wish I could do something. America could, anyways. Japan shouldn't have to deal with this on their own.
Well, I am praying for everyone in Japan. Every lolita, every gyaru, every fairy, every businessman! I pray no lolita dress dare get dirty in this catastrophe! Stay strong, everyone! > ^ <!

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  1. hey have you talked to lisiana?i'm really worried about her............