Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting sick lately....

Hai peeps , so yeap if you have been sick lately like moi you should know how extremly boring it is god i was at home doing nothing for 3 days + man but i was really sick i had the flu but then i still do im just better so theres ur anwser pau pau if u are asking why i havent talked to u on msm XD srrry i have been getting on but ur never on this week U<U , so if you are also sick i recommend you some things so you do not die of boredom.

  • watch tv
  • go on the internet and look up interesting stuff like why cant penguins fly
  • text your friends in school so they get their phones taken away
  • go look at rambom peoples blogs
  • eat lots of stuff
  • my mom says to eat soup and stuff
  • look for the clothes u are gonna wear when you get back to school
  • go play with your dogs if u have any
  • read >;3
  • play with moms clothes
  • rest
  • look up justin bieber to make fun of him
  • call selena gomez a pedo for dating him
  • find better stuff to read than this
from maria~~ <33

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