Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Long and Winding Road

Sorry for not posting in such a long time~~~
You see, I've been really busy. I just went to le SAKURA-CON, and that was epic. I met so many fabulous lolitas there, wearing my light blue gothic lolita wavy wig (with PIGTAILS OH HECK YUSH) and a KAWAII pink dress with little roses on it that my friends mom made so sweetly <3 Some creep actually took a picture of me and  Maria (she had a wig like mine but pink with a white blouse and a skirt with roses all over <3) without our knowledge. And old dude. Gross. -.-
Other than that, I've been trying to save up bunches and bunches of money and that is HARD when you are 13 and you don't have parents like Maria's who buys everything for you. (EVERYTHING.) I accidentally used up a bunch of money at Sakura Con ;_; BUT I'M TRYING AGAIN! 10 BUCKS A WEEK FOR BRUSHING THE DOG EVERY DAY! (She sheds. A lot. But she's kawaii <3)
Since I'm so young, it's very hard  to be a lolita, you see. So, I'm trying really hard, and starting off small. I have a step mom that doesn't have a clue about how marvelous lolita is!!
FIRST she thought it was dressing like a prostitute because Lolita is a common prostitute name!!!
After I explained to her that it's practically the EXACT OPPOSITE OF A PROSTITUTE, she went on to believe it's a sub culture about DRUGS  because I told her it's based off of things like Alice and Wonderland and she gave me a huge lecture about how she wrote an essay in college about people getting high while smoking pot and watching the crazy loopyness of Alice and Wonderland. UGH.
She just keeps getting the wrong idea over and over, and says it's too expensive, so. I have to start at Bodyline.
Being a lolita is HARD. It's true. But that's not stopping me from being one. As Victoria Suzanne said in this article, lolitas are strong. The world may disagree and look down on our layers of petticoats and giant bows, yet we have to stand our ground and meet their eyes. I hate giving up on anything. It shows weakness, and no matter how princess-like a lolita may appear, we must become warriors and wear our dresses like armour. It's sad, what the world has become; showing hatred to anything that is different. But only the tough can power through that hatred! So power through with pink mary janes. (Oh heck yush ;3)
I can be positive that everyone on Earth just wants to fulfill a dream. Some never do. I have so many dreams; surrounding myself in lolita is but one. I have a long road to go; and I hope that girls with the same dream walk the same road. Maybe we can become amazing lolitas together. ^-^
So, it's time for me to continue. This is a blog about that walk, down that road.

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