Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tinierme game online..

yea me and paulina had been on that game for a while idk y she introduced me to all this random weirdos lol this guy was funny  but he was weird hes all like hitting on chicks like 10 minutes after he meets them lol... i like meet him and hes like mines and hers bro we call him bro but the creepy thing is he was all like o yea i love you my sisters im like ... okay bye and i left XD i didint know wat.. andd then later hes all like telling my friend i was cool even do i met him only like 5minutessssss and yea then both me and her come abck and hes all like holding some chick im like wtf,, me and her are like playaaa.. and yap that was my tinierme experience also note the outfit they give u does NOT come with shoes man i am currently still barefoot begging for money around XDD cause i wasted most my money on this one thing to get cool stuff but i ended up with no shoes..

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